Saber - Saber PRO 3D Firefighter Structural Glove

Saber - Saber PRO 3D Firefighter Structural Glove


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Designed specifically for structural firefighting, SABER gloves dominate the industry because of both quality and convenience. With its NFPA 1971 certification and fire retardant/heat resistant outer shell, these gloves are a perfect fit for anyone looking for a solution on the fire ground that wont break the bank. So whether you are a student or seasoned pro, SABER gloves are the perfect hand safety tool to keep you safe and working in the most injurious conditions. Saber Pro Glove
(Available Sizes: 2XSM-2XLG)
Super Dexterity Structural Firefighting Glove (SPTEC)

NFPA 1971 Certified, 3D Glove
Remains soft and comfortable once it is dry after being wet
Treated Premium split cowhide outer shell- Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant
Palm reinforced for extra durability and effective fireground tool and equipment handling when both wet or dry
Roll-over seamless fingertips to provide super mobility, dexterity & comfort
60+ TPP, highest thermal protective heat rating attainable according to NFPA 1971
Moisture Barrier (Pyrotect) Breathable waterproof barrier that defends against blood-borne pathogens and provides critical protection from hazardous liquids
Inner Liner (Kovenex) Blend of high-performance Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant fibers providing superior heat and flame protection
Liner is both bonded and sewn to prevent liner pull-out
Elastic sewn top-side Double Zig-Zag Special feature Gauntlet for quick efficient donning & doffing
All Materials are made in USA (Eversoft cowhide/Kovenex /Pyrotect/DuPont & Kevlar)

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