Before you can save the lives of others, you must first protect yourself with firefighting equipment that gives you the confidence to concentrate on the task at hand – regardless of your mission. For almost 100 years, firefighters all around the world have trusted Dräger for reliable equipment, services, and training that are fit for purpose and based on real-world experience.




Step into the next chapter of readiness with the AirBoss, Drager's visionary take on the SCBA. Inspired by the revered PSS 7000, we've harvested the essence of what made that model a favorite—its ergonomic design, robustness, and intelligent features—and evolved it into a futuristic marvel tailored for the modern firefighter. 

The upcoming AirBoss melds the reliable human factors and dependability you've counted on with innovative updates and a design that can feel intuitively right. It's like reconnecting with a trusted companion who's picked up a few new tricks—uplifting in its familiarity yet thrillingly enhanced to meet modern demands.

This marks a transformative moment in Dräger's 100-year legacy of protective gear, thoughtfully designed with the invaluable input of those who brave the blaze. Step forward into a new age of safety and efficiency. Welcome to the era of the AirBoss.

Our bodies aren't built to bear weight on our shoulders, which can lead to added stress and fatigue. Primed and ready to join you in the heat of battle, the Dräger AirBoss SCBA is quickly becoming the highlight of conversations in firehouses, celebrated for its lightweight design that naturally complements a firefighter's movements. Whether it's weaving through tight spots, hurdling debris, reaching new heights, or being the first in for a rescue, the AirBoss is dedicated to moving with you and taking the bulk off your shoulders. Its sleek design and enhanced ergonomics are all about minimizing your strain and optimizing air usage. 

Three Heights for All Firefighters: Size doesn't matter with the AirBoss; it's got a three-height adjustment feature that helps it fit just right, standard and longer shoulder straps, and a custom fit waist belt with extensions, a great fit for everyone. This gear trims the fat, leaving you with a lightweight, snug fit that can feel like a part of you, helping firefighters of all statures to spring into action with a greater range of motion and a tailored fit. 

The “Floating” Waist Belt: Think toolbelt, not a backpack. The AirBoss enhances frontline readiness with its innovative "floating" waist belt, situated comfortably at the hips to redistribute weight from the shoulders, easing the burden on your back. The swivel action of the belt allows for a snug fit that moves with you, not against you, maintaining core stability and reducing the risk of heat and flame exposure on the job. This design helps keep you covered without compromising on mobility or protection, helping your protective coat stay securely in place.

Stay Dry, Stay Ready: The AirBoss is created with materials that repel water, helping your harness remain light and quick to dry. Compared to conventional gear, it absorbs significantly less liquid—up to 12x less compared to traditional cloth harnesses—meaning it won't weigh you down after a firefight or exposure to water. This innovation keeps the harness less encumbered, promoting a quicker drying time and ensuring it's always ready for the next call to action.

Future Proof

Central to the AirBoss SCBA, the Dräger AirBoss Sentinel is Dräger’s innovative continuous monitoring system, where all your critical info is brought together clearly and rapidly on one full-color display. 

The new Dräger AirBoss Sentinel is now routed over the right shoulder, allowing the Dräger Lung Demand Valve (Second Stage Regulator) to be routed over the left shoulder. This change to how our SCBAs have previously been configured is a direct result of feedback from US Firefighters. The AirBoss flips the script, setting a new standard for Dräger innovation. 

On Guard with the AirBoss Sentinel PASS: Say goodbye to false alarms as it's meticulously calibrated to discern genuine alerts from distractions, with a swift reset function at your fingertips. With just a quick tap, you're reset and ready to refocus on the task at hand. This swift reset capability can help users promptly clear any alerts and immediately return their full attention to the critical tasks they face.

Things are heating up: With the AirBoss Sentinel on guard, know that it isn’t only monitoring pressure and movement, but now will also alert the wearer of increased thermal exposure. The user-configurable temperature sensor in the AirBoss Sentinel provides an additional safety feature for the wearer, allowing them to focus on the task at hand, while the Sentinel watches their back. These exposure alarms and values are recorded in the datalogger, allowing them to be downloaded and checked out later. 

Feel the Click with Haptic Buttons: Say goodbye to old-school buttons. The AirBoss brings you the future with haptic feedback, where every press is confirmed by feel and sound. Decked out with intuitive blue touchpoints, these buttons are all about precision, helping you be in command, gloves on or off.

Always in the Loop: Equipped with sensors, the AirBoss keeps a constant watch over your air levels, movements, and environmental conditions, helping you be informed at every turn. Engineered to enhance safety and focus during operations, this device is designed with LED color status indicators that seamlessly synchronize with your buddy lights on the back frame. With this integrated system, you can stay vigilant of your status and be ready to navigate the situation with confidence.

Set It and Forget It: With automatic activation, the PASS system has you covered, intuitively activating instantly when your cylinder opens. With this fail-safe mechanism, your air status remains at the forefront, providing constant vigilance for your safety.

Future Proof: When designing the new Sentinel for the AirBoss we not only wanted to build it for today but also to support future innovations. This is why we included additional sensors and modules into the AirBoss Sentinel allowing for future activation and integration into other systems, expanding the AirBoss versatility.