Red Chief Product Overview

Red/Yellow Chief hose is suitable for more heavy-duty, rubber-based fire hose tasks. Firefighting requires a durable supply hose to ensure water gets to the attack line without punctures. BullDog’s Red Chief hose features an exclusive heavy-rib making this product highly resistant to cuts, punctures and abrasions. The deep-ribbed outer cover, combined with a unique nitrile-PVC rubber, is made with a through-the-weave construction to provide the backbone of your water supply. 

 The nitrile-rubber cover eliminates additional weight issues caused by water pick up during use. The cover also greatly increases abrasion resistance, providing a long service life. The materials in Red Chief make the hose virtually maintenance-free, requiring no dry time after use. With this powerful hose, you save time and money, as less backup hose is required. 

 Withstanding temperatures from -36º F to 158º F (-37º C to 70º C), Red Chief can maintain peak performance in the harshest conditions. Exceeding NFPA 1961 standards, this supply hose has a proof pressure of 600 PSI (4200 kPa) and has anti-burst technology. Even if the hose has a ½” diameter hole through both the jacket and liner, this hose will not have a catastrophic burst. This hose is highly maneuverable and kink resistant. 

 Ranging in sizes from 1-½” diameters up to 3” diameter hose, the Red Chief comes in 50, 75, or 100 feet of coupled lengths. For uncoupled hose, it can be sold in lengths up to 660 feet, or 201 meters. Yellow Chief is also available with the same durable construction and heavy-ribbing.  


For more information on BullDog’s Red and Yellow Chief hose, contact a sales representative. 



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