Unfortunately, chemical spills, explosive incidents, and a variety of other health-threatening situations are a part of life. But that doesn’t mean they have to put lives at risk. Blackline is here to provide an industry-leading, comprehensive safety solution to any and every imaginable emergency response situation.

Get comprehensive protection with Blackline’s cloud-connected personal and area gas monitors. Fully scalable and supported by Blackline Live, our powerful software and analytics platform, you can optimize your incident responses and get ahead of the risks your responders face—whether from flammable, toxic gases and VOCs. If you have concerns about protection from radiation, connect with us to discuss further. 

"Blacklines next generation of connected safety technology protects over 100,000 people, including Hazmat and Emergency" Responses.When every second counts, you need speed and real-time visibility."

When an incident occurs, getting a command center up and running fast is critical. With connected devices streaming data in real-time, Blackline's solutions allow you to quickly set-up a command center on scene or take command with full visibility into the scenario from anywhere, such as the fire station or E.O.C.. And with unmatched capabilities and proven durability, their place among hazmat teams and first responders is unquestionable.

G7 EXO portable area gas monitors have integrated cellular connectivity as do G7 personal wearables. Both devices also have optional satellite connectivity*, through a portable bridge, for even the most remote locations. And our GPS-enabled location technology and direct-to-cloud data streaming, mean you get real-time information and visibility of the conditions faced by each responder right at your fingertips.
*only available in North America, Australia, New Zealand and South America (excluding Brazil)

"Our web portal, Blackline Live, is the hub of your connected safety ecosystem, containing all the tools you need in one easy-to-use" platform. You can configure, view and monitor all your devices in the field from any Internet-connected smartphone, tablet or computer.

Preparation is more than key. It’s vital.

Response teams need to focus on the task at hand rather than being tasked with an unnecessarily long equipment deployment. Having a reliable, easy-to-use devices saves valuable time when arriving at an incident.

Our devices automatically connect to the cloud and begin sending data to your department's dashboard in under three minutes. And with automated firmware updates over the air, they’re always up to date.

Our award-winning, intuitive user interface translates to minimal training requirements and hassle-free use to provide powerful insights into the safety of every responder. 

Detect up to five gases simultaneously

Responding to unknown hazardous situations requires the flexibility to change sensor configurations on the fly. Whether you need to test for hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon dioxide for a confined space rescue, or levels of ammonia at a fertilizer plant, we’ve got you covered.

Select single-gas diffusion, multi-gas diffusion or multi-gas pump cartridges for any device, and from a range of sensor configurations to address the unique hazards of each or your potential incidents. Each device can be configured while traveling to the scene by swapping out the sensor cartridge – not the entire device.

Unmatched durability

Most fire, hazmat and emergency responses are in unknown environments —which means you need technology as durable and hard-working as your team is. All our devices are built for extremes and put to work in the toughest conditions. Be prepared for any condition that may be encountered. 

Your essential safety gear

All G7 wearables and G7 EXO area gas monitors have layers of protection that are the critical lifeline to your team for the help they need during an emergency response.

  • Real-time visibility of each responders situation for the command center through GPS enable location tracking
  • Never lose insights into the response from devices being out of range (no repeaters, gateways or other tech required)
  • Combined perimeter and hot zone area monitoring
  • Ask about radiation integration

"An estimated 64,875 firefighter injuries occurred while on duty in 2020 (Source: NFPA). Connected gas detection safety helps protect those that protect us."