Fire Innovations - Cree NFPA Escape Belt

Size: 28"-42"
Sale price$100.99


Cree NFPA Escape Belt

by Fire Innovations®
item no: 1101-0027


The Cree Belt is a certified NFPA 1983:2017 Escape Belt. It is easy to use and makes an outstanding multi-function firefighter escape and ladder belt.
A patented Multi-Use Strap can be added, and functions as an NFPA ladder strap, a one leg harness, and for various RIT and victim carries/drags. This strap can be neatly stowed inside a turnout pocket. The Cree series has 1.75" nylon construction, and comes standard with an attachment point for a bailout and/or connecting an NFPA ladder strap.

• 2 sizes available for waist size 28"-42" or 42"-52
• NFPA Escape & Ladder Belt
• All aluminum hardware (Cobra® Buckles)
• Ambidextrous design (Left or right handed)
• Rapid size adjustment
• NFPA rated, UL certified buckles and webbing

The Cree Series belts are multi-sized and accommodate waists from 28” to 52”. They have a single point adjustment feature that lets the firefighter quickly adjust to the proper fit. This belt can be outfitted with a variety of different bailout systems and a ladder strap for added versatility.

The Cree belt accessories can be added at any time. This keeps the cost down on the initial purchase. One only needs to buy one belt, and then add accessories as needed to meet your requirements.
• NFPA Ladder Strap/ RIT Strap
• Bailout or Utility Rope Bags

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