Fire Innovations - Hook Pull Strap

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Hook Pull Strap

by Fire Innovations®
item no: 1105-0046


The Hook Pull Strap makes it easy to retrieve the Fire Innovations Talon Hook from a pocket mounted bailout system. It is designed to take advantage of the slot located on the bend of the Talon Hook; and a loop that will attach to the bend of any hook or carabineer The Hook Pull Strap Velcro connects to the Velcro of the turnout pants pocket, making it convenient to find in the dark. The rope filled Kevlar webbing makes it easy to grasp with a gloved hand.
SKU 1105-0046
Warranty 90 Days
Certifications None
Color Natural
Materials Kevlar
Weight 0.1000
L x W x H 6x4x2
MBS lbs (kN) No

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